The Impact Atlanta: Showcasing the Rise of Influential Young Creators

The Impact Atlanta is not your typical reality TV show. It goes beyond drama and brings to light the inspiring journeys of Atlanta's influential young entrepreneurs. With their combined social media following of over 20 million, these creatives are using their platforms to build their businesses, set trends, and make a real impact on culture. Join us as we dive into the world of The Impact Atlanta and meet the cast of talented individuals who are shaping Atlanta's creative landscape.

The Dynamic Cast of The Impact Atlanta

Meet the talented entrepreneurs who are the core of The Impact Atlanta, the reality TV show that showcases their incredible journey.

Ariana Fletcher: Discover the success story of Ari Fletcher, a renowned business executive, social media influencer, and model.

Jayda Cheaves: Learn more about Jayda Wayda, the multi-talented entrepreneur, actress, author, and Instagram influencer.

Lakeyah Danaee Robinson: Dive into the rising star of hip-hop, Lakeyah, a rapper, songwriter, and social media personality.

Dionte Gray: Explore the world of Arrogant Tae, a celebrity hairstylist and social media influencer known for his brand, The Flawless Experience.

Destiny Bailey: Get to know Dess Dior, a young rapper, entrepreneur, and social media mogul with her own entertainment company.

Tuson Jewell: Meet Tuson, an aspiring actor and recording artist, who joined the cast in season 2 as a fan-favorite.

Jerrika Karlae: Learn about Jerrika Karlae, an Atlanta-based rapper, model, and entrepreneur with her own clothing line, Karlae.

The Impact on Atlanta's Creative Scene

Discover how The Impact Atlanta is revolutionizing the cultural landscape of Atlanta and solidifying its position as a hub for young influencers

The Impact Atlanta goes beyond entertainment and drama. It serves as a platform for young creators to showcase their brilliance and make a positive impact in the local artistic scene.

This reality TV show highlights the strength of Atlanta's creative industries, from fashion to music and everything in between, and brings to light the immense talent in the city.

By emphasizing the entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen of the cast, The Impact Atlanta portrays Atlanta as a city pulsating with innovation and sets the stage for the new wave of ATLiens to shine.

Highlighting Business Success Stories

Learn how The Impact Atlanta focuses on the cast's journey of building successful businesses and leveraging their social media presence for growth.

The Impact Atlanta takes a refreshing approach by highlighting the cast's business ventures and portraying them as inspirations for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With their combined social media following of over 20 million, these creators have turned influence into capital and are proof that young entrepreneurs can succeed in today's digital age.

The show celebrates their determination, ingenuity, and impact on various industries, ranging from beauty and fashion to music, showcasing the possibilities for young business moguls in Atlanta.

The Road to Personal and Professional Growth

Discover how The Impact Atlanta delves into the personal growth, adversities, and major life decisions faced by the cast, adding depth to the show.

The Impact Atlanta goes beyond the glamour to unveil the personal journeys of these young creative minds as they face challenges, make tough choices, and grow both personally and professionally.

Viewers can witness the exploration of friendships and family dynamics, allowing for relatability and creating deeper connections between the audience and the cast.

The show sheds light on the ups and downs they encounter in pursuing their dreams and gives viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day life of these rising stars, making it both captivating and inspiring to watch.


The Impact Atlanta showcases the power of young entrepreneurs and their ability to shape culture and create successful businesses. With its dynamic cast and focus on personal and professional growth, the show offers an inspiring look into the world of Atlanta's creative scene.

Through their social media influence, innovative thinking, and determination, these young individuals are setting trends, building empires, and making a lasting impact on Atlanta's cultural landscape.


What makes The Impact Atlanta different from other reality TV shows?

Unlike traditional reality TV shows, The Impact Atlanta emphasizes the journey of young entrepreneurs and their pursuit of business success rather than creating drama. It showcases the creative process, personal growth, and the positive impact these individuals have on Atlanta's culture.

What can viewers gain from watching The Impact Atlanta?

Viewers can gain valuable insights into the entrepreneurial strategies, dedication, and hard work required for success. The show offers inspiration and motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs by highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth of the cast.

Does The Impact Atlanta focus solely on entertainment, or is there a deeper message behind the show?

While The Impact Atlanta is entertaining, it goes beyond pure entertainment. The show aims to empower and showcase the achievements of young entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of innovation, creativity, and determination in pursuing entrepreneurial dreams.

Who is the target audience for The Impact Atlanta?

The Impact Atlanta appeals to various audiences. It caters to those interested in the creative industries such as fashion, music, and beauty, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs looking for insights and motivation to pursue their own business ventures.

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