Sunn O))) Joins Sub Pop's Singles Club: A Highly Anticipated Collaboration

Sunn O))) is set to make history with their newest release, joining forces with Sub Pop Records for a one-of-a-kind collaboration. This highly anticipated partnership will see the band releasing exclusive 7" vinyl through Sub Pop's iconic Singles Club, signifying a 'full-circle' moment for the influential group. From extraordinary live performances to milestone celebrations, let's dive into the captivating world of Sunn O))) and their remarkable musical journey.

The Extraordinary Collaboration Between Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records, and how their collaboration is creating waves in the music industry.

Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records have joined forces in a truly extraordinary collaboration that is bound to make headlines and captivate music enthusiasts across the globe. This ushers in an exciting new chapter for both entities as they combine their talents to create something truly unique.

Sub Pop Records, a legendary Seattle label, has a rich history of releasing singles from some of the most influential bands in the music industry. On the other hand, Sunn O))) has established themselves as pioneers of experimental and atmospheric metal, garnering a dedicated fan base.

Together, they are embarking on an ambitious project that promises to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and elicit strong emotions through their music. Let's delve into the details of this highly anticipated collaboration and explore what it means for the future of both Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records.

Unveiling the Sub Pop Singles Club Series

Learn all about the iconic Sub Pop Singles Club series, its historical significance, and how Sunn O))) will be a part of this legendary tradition.

The Sub Pop Singles Club series has been an iconic institution within the music industry since its inception. It has a rich history of bringing together some of the most exciting and influential artists, providing them a platform to showcase their work.

For Sunn O))), this collaboration holds a special place due to their roots in north Seattle where Sub Pop Records also originates from. As they enter their 25th year, being a part of the Sub Pop Singles Club series is a fitting tribute to their musical journey and pays homage to the bands that inspired them from the early days.

The upcoming release will mark a significant milestone for Sub Pop Records, as they celebrate their 35th anniversary. Additionally, it coincides with the 30th anniversary of EARTH2, an essential album in Sunn O)))'s catalogue. And not to forget, this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the SUNN O))) MODEL T, further symbolizing the year's significance for the band and their collaborations.

An Insight into the Recording Process and Collaborators

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Sunn O)))'s new music for Sub Pop's Singles Club was recorded, the studio involved, and the talented collaborators who contributed to its creation.

The new music from Sunn O))) for Sub Pop's Singles Club was recorded during the soundchecks of their Shoshin (初心) Duo tour, adding an enchanting element of spontaneity and live energy to the recordings.

To bring this project to life, the band enlisted their dedicated FOH master, Chris Fullard, to capture the essence of their soundchecks. His expertise incorporated the nuances of Sunn O)))'s unique performances, resulting in artistic recordings that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

After the capturing sessions, the material was taken to Seagrass Studios, where renowned producer Brad Wood worked tirelessly to arrange, edit, and produce the final tracks, allowing Sunn O)))'s vision to come to fruition. The mastering process was handled by the highly acclaimed Matt Colton at Metropolis in London.

A Spectacular Live Event and Musical Milestone Celebration

Explore the upcoming mesmerizing concert celebrating Sunn O))) and Sub Pop's collaboration, with extraordinary performances by Earth and Jesse Sykes.

To commemorate the release, Sunn O))) will be showcasing their unique sound and artistic prowess at a special concert on November 21st at The Moore Theatre in their hometown of Seattle. The event promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring mesmerizing live performances by Earth, performing their influential album Earth2, along with Jesse Sykes accompanied by Phil Wandscher.

This celebration not only marks the release of their collaboration but also acknowledges the legacy-bound coming together of Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records, creating another outstanding moment in their respective musical journeys.

Be sure not to miss this extraordinary concert, where two influential forces in the music industry converge, resulting in a night that is sure to leave a lasting impact and create lasting memories.


The collaboration between Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records is an undeniable testament to the power of artistic partnerships and the ability to push boundaries in the music industry. This extraordinary project brings together two influential forces, showcasing their unique talents and captivating audiences worldwide.

With the release of their exclusive 7" vinyl through Sub Pop's iconic Singles Club, Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records are not only revisiting their roots and honoring their musical legacies but also setting a new standard for collaboration and innovation. This marks a 'full-circle' moment for a band that has consistently pushed the limits of experimental metal and a legendary record label that has cultivated some of the most influential artists in the industry.

As we eagerly await the digital release and the arrival of the limited-edition 7" record for Singles Club subscribers, it's clear that this partnership will continue to shape the landscape of music and inspire generations to come. The celebration concert in Seattle is bound to be an unforgettable event, combining the artistry of Sunn O))), Jesse Sykes, and Earth, and creating a night that pays tribute to the past while propelling us into a new era of sonic exploration.

The collaboration between Sunn O))) and Sub Pop Records signals the potential for transformation and connection through music, reminding us of the endless possibilities that exist when two influential forces converge.

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