Notilus: Blending Genres for a Musical Journey in Their New Album II

Join me, Jennifer Hudson, as we embark on a musical journey with Notilus and their captivating new album II. In this article, we'll explore their unique blend of jazz, techno, and ambient music, and dive into the raw and free sound they've crafted. Get ready to be transported to a world of sincere, liberated expression as we delve into the enchanting world of Notilus.

The Poetic Ambitions of Notilus

Explore the unique blend of jazz, techno, and ambient in Notilus' music.

Notilus takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey with their atmospheric blend of jazz, techno, and ambient music. The quintet captures the beauty of sunrise and sunset, crafting a poetic experience that transcends genres. Through their innovative soundscapes, they invite us to witness the moments between night and day, where rawness and freedom reign supreme.

Join me as we delve into the musical world of Notilus, a French quintet known for their groundbreaking debut album, “I.” With their latest release, “II,” they continue to push musical boundaries and provide a sonic experience like no other.

Raw and Free: Notilus Breaks Boundaries

Discover the raw and free sound that defines Notilus' second album 'II'.

Unlike their debut album, which received critical acclaim, Notilus approached their second album, “II,” without the pressure to replicate their previous success. They prioritized embracing the passage of time and a democratic creative process, resulting in a sound that is raw, free, and immersive.

Elevated by their DIY recording environment and enhanced focus on live recording, “II” trades in polished surfaces for spontaneity. With an abundance of ‘live’ moments, improvisation, and organic elements, their music transcends traditional genres to create a fluid and awe-inspiring experience.

Suspended Time: A Journey of Musical Temporality

Embark on a sonic exploration of suspended time through Notilus' music.

Notilus invites us to experience suspended time, a fluidity of musical temporality that is present in their tracks. Through their emotive sounds, they capture the essence of ambient and electronic music, creating a mesmerizing sonic journey for listeners.

With references to Pierre Boulez's concept of “streaked time” and “smooth time,” Notilus explores the edge between regular pulse and a sense of the disappearance of time. This poetic exploration invites us to lose ourselves in the spaces between moments, connecting with the emotions and moods within their music.

Dusk and Dawn: The Poetic Inspiration

Unravel the inspiration behind Notilus' incorporation of evening shadows and luminous mornings.

The beauty of dusk and dawn lies in their position between two states of luminosity and air density. Notilus draws inspiration from these poetic transitions, conveying the sense of being on the edge of something magical, whether it is the fading light at dusk or the rising sun at dawn.

By infusing their music with the imagery of evening shadows and luminous mornings, Notilus invites listeners to join them on a lyrical and introspective journey. They capture the fleeting, intangible emotions of these transitional moments and translate them into captivating sonic landscapes.

Harmonious Coexistence: Synthesizing Genres

Experience the seamless blending of jazz, techno, and ambient in Notilus' music.

Notilus seamlessly merges different musical styles, including jazz, techno, and ambient, into their unique sound. Instead of compromising, they pave the way for a harmonious coexistence of these genres. By respecting and embracing each band member's musical background, Notilus constructs a cohesive, distinctive sound that reflects their breadth of influences.

In this sonic synthesis, traditional musical boundaries dissolve, leaving behind a captivating sonic palette that celebrates the interconnectedness of diverse genres. Notilus shows us that music knows no boundaries and that true artistic expression lies in the fusion of different musical traditions.

Continued Exploration: Notilus' Ongoing Musical Voyage

Discover what the future holds for Notilus' musical journey and their dedication to authentic expression.

As we delve into the enchanting world of Notilus, it becomes evident that their musical journey is far from over. In addition to their second album release, they continue to experiment and explore new territories as a live band. With regular improvisational performances and potential collaborations on the horizon, Notilus is determined to keep pushing boundaries and observing the unique evolutions of their music.

Through their genuine dedication to musical expression and their refusal to conform to commercial pressures, Notilus preserves their artistic integrity and paves the way for an ongoing voyage of sonic discovery. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their musical tapestry and eagerly await the magic that is yet to come.

What are your thoughts on Notilus' musical journey? How do you feel about their blending of genres? Share your thoughts and let us know how their music resonates with you.


In conclusion, Notilus takes listeners on a captivating musical journey with their second album, “II.” Their unique blend of jazz, techno, and ambient music transcends traditional genres, transporting us to a realm of rawness, freedom, and sonic exploration. Through their sincere and liberated expression, they captivate audiences with their poetry of sound. Notilus is not simply a musical act; they are a sonic philosophy, inviting us to experience, reflect, and unlock the universal language of music and emotion.

As they continue to push artistic boundaries, we look forward to the evolution of Notilus’ musical voyage, eagerly waiting for new collaborations, improvisational performances, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Join us in celebrating the release of “II” as we embark on this perpetual journey of discovery and share our reflections on the transcendental power of music.


What is the inspiration behind Notilus' music?

Inspired by the beauty of dusk and dawn, Notilus seeks to capture the poetic moments between night and day. Their music reflects the transitional nature of these moments, inviting listeners to explore the emotions and imagery that arise when day merges into night or dawn breaks the darkness of the night sky.

How does Notilus combine various genres in their music?

Notilus amalgamates genres such as jazz, techno, and ambient by embracing the diverse musical backgrounds of each band member. They foster a harmonious coexistence, building upon the unique qualities of each genre to create a sound that seamlessly brings them together. The result is a captivating fusion of styles that transcends boundaries and sparks musical magic.

What is the significance of 'suspended time' in Notilus' music?

Suspended time refers to the fluidity of musical temporality that Notilus embodies in their tracks. In their music, they create a sense of timelessness, guiding listeners through a journey that transcends traditional song structures and rhythmic patterns. It allows for introspection, creating an atmosphere that encourages listeners to lose themselves in the ethereal realms of Notilus' soundscapes.

What sets Notilus apart from other musical acts?

Notilus distinguishes itself through its commitment to genuine expression and the refusal to conform to commercial pressures. They embrace a sincere and liberated approach to their music, which creates a rawness and freedom that captivates listeners. This refusal to compromise and their dedication to following their own creative path sets them apart and makes their sonic journey truly unique.

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