Mitchell Tenpenny Strikes Gold With Hit Single “We Got History”

In the dynamic world of country music, Mitchell Tenpenny is making waves with his chart-topping hit single 'We Got History.' Recently, he achieved a remarkable milestone by earning a RIAA Gold plaque for this sensational track. Join me as we delve into his extraordinary journey as an artist, relish in his accomplishments, and get a glimpse into his future projects.

Mitchell Tenpenny's Rise With “We Got History”

Explore the profound impact of Mitchell Tenpenny's hit single 'We Got History' and its journey to the top of the charts.

Music enthusiasts worldwide were captivated by Mitchell Tenpenny's catchy hit single 'About You'. It solidified his position as a rising star in country music and foreshadowed his monumental success with 'We Got History'. This head-turning track quickly climbed the charts, connecting with fans on a deep emotional level. The appeal of Mitchell Tenpenny's signature style, combined with the relatable lyrics, propelled him towards stardom.

With its infectious melody and heartfelt storytelling, 'We Got History' resonated with listeners craving a musical journey into the past, reminding us of cherished memories and sentimentality. The authenticity of Mitchell's storytelling allows the audience to connect with his experiences and emotions. This not only contributes to the unwavering popularity of the song but also solidifies Mitchell Tenpenny's stature as one of country music's most promising artists.

As Mitchell Tenpenny shared captivating personal narratives and a soulful sound, the world tuned in, recognizing his creative artistry and unwavering authenticity. The unforgettable impact of 'We Got History' continues to reverberate throughout the country music scene, cementing Mitchell Tenpenny's legacy as an influential and talented artist.

Breaking Records with Two No.1 Hits in a Short Span

Learn about Mitchell Tenpenny's incredible achievement of scoring two back-to-back No.1 hits in record time, making music history.

With sheer musical genius, talent, and dedication, Mitchell Tenpenny shattered records by achieving two consecutive No. 1 hits with 'Truth About You' and 'At The End Of The Bar'. This groundbreaking feat, accomplished in an astonishing three-week span, ingrained his name in the annals of contemporary chart history. It is a testament to the devotion of Mitchell Tenpenny's fans and the immense talent he possesses.

Mitchell Tenpenny's ascent to the top of country music charts was swift but deserved. His distinctive sound, gripping lyrics, and unwavering dedication allowed him to quickly connect with a vast array of fans. Breaking the record with two consecutive No.1 hits is beyond impressive and firmly establishes Mitchell Tenpenny as a force to be reckoned with in the country music industry.

On The Road With Jason Aldean: The “Highway Desperado Tour”

Get an exclusive look into Mitchell Tenpenny's exciting tour alongside Jason Aldean and the unforgettable experiences waiting for fans.

In an incredible collaboration, Mitchell Tenpenny embarks on the 'Highway Desperado Tour' alongside the iconic Jason Aldean. This remarkable tour offers fans an exceptional live performance experience that they will cherish forever. From electrifying stage productions to heart-touching ballads and high-energy anthems, this touring duo promises nights filled with music that will resonate long after the final note.

The 'Highway Desperado Tour' serves as a platform for Mitchell Tenpenny to showcase his unparalleled stage presence and connect more deeply with fans. Traveling across the nation, these concerts not only exemplify Mitchell Tenpenny's extraordinary talent but also allow fans to experience the magic firsthand. Get ready for a night of soaring vocals, impassioned performances, and the warmth that only a live music event can provide.

Rosanne Cash: A Generous Contribution To Country Music Hall of Fame

Discover Grammy-winning artist Rosanne Cash's generous donation of career artifacts to the renowned Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Rosanne Cash, known for her exceptional talent and illustrious career, recently made headlines by donating several significant artifacts to the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Among these treasures are a custom-built acoustic guitar and three iconic bomber-style tour jackets from the unforgettable 'Seven Year Ache Tour'. With this heartfelt gesture, Rosanne Cash is commemorating her remarkable journey in the impervious annals of country music history.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, largely considered the Mecca of the genre, will forever immortalize Rosanne Cash's legacy by prominently displaying the generous artifacts she has bestowed upon them. This invaluable contribution grants fans the opportunity to connect with her music on a deeper level while ensuring that future generations have an intimate understanding of her significant impact on country music.

Michelle Wright Signs Deal with BFD/Audium Nashville

Learn about Michelle Wright's exciting collaboration with BFD/Audium Nashville and the upcoming release of her treasured master recordings.

Hailing from Canada, Michelle Wright solidifies her place in Nashville's music landscape by signing with BFD/Audium Nashville to release cherished master recordings of her biggest hits. This mutually beneficial partnership amplifies Michelle Wright's incredible body of work, allowing these timeless songs to resonate with fans old and new, and fosters their profound entry onto the international music stage.

The unveiling of The Wright Songs: An Acoustic Evening With Michelle Wright, marks the first installment in this remarkable series. Released just in time for the holiday season is A Wright Christmas, featuring three newly recorded songs added to the original twelve-song compilation. This collaboration between Michelle Wright and BFD/Audium Nashville promises a series of exquisite releases that will take listeners on an intimate and unforgettable auditory journey.

Mickey Bell Teams Up with Platform Artists for Exclusive Booking

Discover award-winning comedian Mickey Bell as he joins forces with Platform Artists for exclusive booking representation.

Renowned award-winning comedian Mickey Bell set new heights for his career by collaborating with the esteemed agency Platform Artists. Revered in the live events industry for their remarkable representation, the agency showcases some of the biggest names in Christian talent, including the likes of Chris Tomlin and TobyMac. Mickey Bell joins this elite roster, committed to delivering exceptional live performances that touch hearts and inspire laughter nationwide.

Mickey Bell's unwavering dedication to mental health advocacy, demonstrated by battling his own severe depression, propels his performances to new levels, resonating with audiences worldwide. Not just restricted to his comedy routine, Mickey spreads awareness and promotes healing through a unique combination of humor, vulnerability, and honesty. Explore the genius of Mickey Bell's performances and experience a night filled with heartfelt laughter that leaves one forever uplifted.

Amy Scruggs Sponsors Discover Sooner Sync Challenge

Amy Scruggs Media proudly sponsors the empowering Discover Sooner Sync Challenge. Engage in this thrilling opportunity for songwriters and artists to create music for TV and film.

Amy Scruggs Media aligns itself with the incredible mission of Discover Sooner as it announces its sponsorship of the esteemed Sync Challenge. This transcendent online program cultivates creativity in songwriters, artists, and producers alike, crafting music tailored specifically for TV and film productions. Colliding forces and ideas generate two amidst thrilling teamwork to create awe-inspiring soundtracks that accompany visually compelling experiences.

Geared towards emerging songwriters, the Amy Scruggs Media grant covers the full registration cost for one fortunate musician, leading them to limitless possibilities in the music industry. This ground-breaking program breeds innovation, providing guidance from industry experts every step of the way. Seize this opportunity to actualize your artistic vision and delve into the remarkable realm where music and media converge.


Mitchell Tenpenny's remarkable journey in the country music industry is a testament to his undeniable talent, relentless dedication, and heartfelt storytelling. From achieving chart-topping success with 'We Got History' and making history with two back-to-back No.1 hits, to captivating audiences on the 'Highway Desperado Tour' alongside Jason Aldean, Mitchell Tenpenny's star continues to rise.

Rosanne Cash's generous contribution to the Country Music Hall of Fame ensures her enduring legacy as a revered artist, and Michelle Wright's collaboration with BFD/Audium Nashville breathes new life into her treasured master recordings. Meanwhile, Mickey Bell's partnership with Platform Artists allows his boundless comedic genius to shine, while Amy Scruggs Media's sponsorship of the Discover Sooner Sync Challenge promotes artistry and innovation.

These exceptional artists and industry figures leave an indelible impact on the world of music, advancing the country music genre and forging new paths of creativity. Their passion, authenticity, and incomparable talent continue to define and shape the vibrant landscape of country music as they inspire countless others to follow their dreams.

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