Luke Bryan's Farm Tour Comes to Colfax: A Night of Unforgettable Country Music

Concertgoers in Colfax are in for a treat as Luke Bryan brings his Farm Tour to Iowa. Join the crowd and experience the magic as this decorated musician takes the stage. Discover the location, ticket prices, special guests, and other important details to ensure an incredible night of country music.

Enjoy Luke Bryan's Captivating Music at Schnell Family Farms

Immerse yourself in a night of unforgettable country music as Luke Bryan performs at Schnell Family Farms in Colfax. Discover the charm of this rustic venue and get ready for a magical experience.

If you're a fan of Luke Bryan or country music in general, you won't want to miss his highly anticipated Farm Tour at Schnell Family Farms. Performing in such a rustic venue adds a unique and memorable element to the experience. Just imagine being serenaded by Bryan's soulful voice against the picturesque backdrop of a tranquil farm.

Schnell Family Farms, located at 9061 N. 19th Ave. W. in Jasper County, sets the stage for an extraordinary night of music. As you breathe in the fresh country air and feel the warm vibes of the farm, you'll know why this event stands out from the typical concert experience. Don't just settle for a regular venue; let the rustic charm of Schnell Family Farms enhance your evening of country tunes.

Ticket Details: Don't Miss Your Chance to See Luke Bryan

Discover all the essential information about ticket prices and where you can purchase them for Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax. Secure your spot in this memorable event!

Tickets for Luke Bryan's concert in Colfax start at $65 and can be purchased online at or through Luke Bryan's official website. Make sure to grab yours before they sell out, as this is an event you won't want to miss!

If you choose to purchase tickets at the door, the price will be $80. However, it's always recommended to buy in advance to secure your spot and avoid any disappointment. Seize this opportunity to see one of the biggest names in country music up close and personal.

Parking passes are available for purchase along with your tickets and will cost $20 on the day of the concert. Plan ahead, arrive early, and make the most of this incredible musical experience.

Special Guest Lineup: Join Luke Bryan and His Talented Friends

Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax promises a night filled with astounding live performances. Discover the talents of the special guests who will be sharing the stage with the country superstar and creating a night to remember.

This Farm Tour promises more than just Luke Bryan's captivating performances. The special guest lineup for the night includes an incredible mix of talents that truly elevate the concert experience.

Country singer-songwriter Kameron Marlowe

Kameron Marlowe's soulful and honest lyrics have been turning heads in the country music industry. Don't miss the opportunity to see this rising star live on stage, as he brings his powerful voice and charismatic presence to Colfax.

"American Idol" alum Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham's journey on "American Idol" captured the hearts of many, and his country roots make him a perfect addition to Luke Bryan's Farm Tour. Witness Beckham's musical talent and charisma firsthand as he delivers a performance to remember.

Country trio the Peach Pickers

The Peach Pickers, comprised of songwriters Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Hayslip, will bring their infectious energy and hit songs to the stage in Colfax. Gather your friends, dance along, and sing your heart out to their catchy tunes.

DJ Rock

Adding a fun and energetic spin to the night, DJ Rock will keep the crowd grooving between performances. Get ready for an exhilarating blend of country beats and infectious mixes from this talented DJ.

Concert Details: Arrive Early for a Smooth Experience

To ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience at Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax, it's essential to know the concert details. From parking to entry time, here's everything you need to know.

Parking opens at 2 p.m., so plan to arrive early and secure a convenient spot. Keep in mind that the concert's rural location may result in traffic, so arriving early will help you avoid any delays or hassle.

Entry into the concert venue begins at 5 p.m., giving you ample time to settle in and create unforgettable memories with your friends and fellow country music enthusiasts. Feel the excitement build up as you wait for Luke Bryan to take the stage for an incredible performance.

The actual show will start at 6 p.m., so make sure you've found a comfortable spot and are ready to sing along to your favorite Luke Bryan hits. The night will be filled with energy, joy, and fantastic music that will leave you wanting more!

Important Reminders and Prohibited Items

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone attending Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax, there are a few important reminders and items that are not allowed into the venue. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.

While chairs and blankets are allowed in designated areas, it's important to note that backpacks are not permitted into the concert venue. For the comfort and safety of everyone in attendance, outside food and beverage are also not allowed, excluding factory-sealed bottles of water.

Make sure to leave coolers and grills at home as well. For a complete list of allowed and prohibited items, you can visit prior to the concert to ensure you adhere to the guidelines and have a stress-free experience.

Rest assured, there will be food and drinks available for purchase at the venue, including beer. Indulge in your favorite snacks, grab a cold beverage, and fully immerse yourself in the festivities of the evening.

Luke Bryan's Ongoing Love for Iowa

Iowa has been lucky enough to host Luke Bryan on several occasions. Explore the history of Luke Bryan's concerts in Iowa and learn why this special connection between the artist and the state makes every performance even more thrilling.

Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax marks his fifth appearance in Iowa since 2017. This incredible track record speaks volumes about the strong bond between the artist and Iowa's music-loving residents.

Iowans have had numerous opportunities to witness Luke Bryan perform, whether it be at his Farm Tour shows or his memorable takeover of the Iowa State Fair Grandstand in 2019. There's something truly magical about the energy and enthusiasm Iowa brings to Luke Bryan's performances, making each show a deeply connected experience for all in attendance.


Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in Colfax promises an extraordinary night of country music and unforgettable memories. From the charm of Schnell Family Farms to the thrilling performances by Luke Bryan and his special guests, this event is not to be missed. Get your tickets, arrive early, and immerse yourself in the beauty of live music surrounded by the rustic ambiance of the farm.

As Luke Bryan continues to leave his mark on the Iowa music scene, his deep connection with the state is evident in every captivating performance. Don't just attend a concert; embark on a journey through the power of music and the special connection it brings. Get ready to sing along, dance to your favorite songs, and create memories that will keep you smiling long after the final note.


Can I bring my own chair to the concert?

Yes, chairs and blankets are allowed in designated areas at the concert venue. Feel free to bring your own chair and make yourself comfortable as you enjoy the music.

Are there any age restrictions for attending the concert?

The concert is open to all ages. Make it a family outing or a night out with friends as Luke Bryan's performance entertains attendees of all ages.

Will there be restroom facilities available?

Yes, there will be restroom facilities available at the concert venue. You can conveniently access them throughout the event.

How can I find more information about Luke Bryan's Farm Tour?

For more details about Luke Bryan's Farm Tour, including future tour dates, special guest announcements, and updates, you can visit Luke Bryan's official website. Stay up to date with the latest news and prepare for future concerts in your area.

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