Levitt at the Falls 2023 Concert Season - A Celebration of Diversity and Community

Experience the vibrancy and diversity of Levitt at the Falls' 2023 concert season as it captivated over 100,000 attendees, showcasing exciting outreach programs, cultural festivals, and meaningful collaborations. Discover the joyful spirit that infused the air at each free concert, uniting our community through the universal language of music.

Highlights of a Remarkable Concert Season

Discover the unforgettable moments that made up Levitt at the Falls' 2023 concert season.

The 2023 concert season at Levitt at the Falls exceeded all expectations, leaving music lovers in awe. From diverse genres to engaging community collaborations, this season had it all. Let's dive into the incredible highlights that made this concert series one for the books:

New Outreach Programs Empowering Sioux Falls Community

Levitt at the Falls aimed to ensure that everyone in the community had access to professional live music. Their new outreach programs, including the Festival of Cultures and All My Relatives Festival, successfully brought diverse communities in Sioux Falls together. These inclusive events offered a platform for local talents and celebrated their rich cultural heritage.

A Festival Plunge into Native American Art and Culture

The inaugural All My Relatives — Mitakuye Owas’iƞ and Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ Festival was a resounding success. Proudly sponsored by The Wokini Initiative of South Dakota State University, this festival showcased Native American art, music, and culture. Attendees were treated to mesmerizing performances on the Levitt stage alongside vibrant opening acts, displaying the region's thriving indigenous arts scene.

New Musical Genres for a Diverse Lineup

Levitt at the Falls prioritized representation by introducing new genres to their lineup. The hip-hop and indie vibe concerts brought fresh energy to the stage, shining a light on talented artists pushing the boundaries of their genres. These performances expanded the musical horizons of both performers and attendees alike, fostering a more diverse and culturally rich experience.

Thriving Audience Presence, Both In-Person and Online

Discover the impressive in-person attendance and virtual audience reach at Levitt at the Falls’ concerts.

Levitt at the Falls proved to be a captivating destination this season, with more than 100,000 people participating in the live concerts. Not only did the concerts draw sizeable crowds, but they also attracted a significant virtual audience, expanding the reach of the performances online.

The average in-person concert attendance grew this year, with an impressive average of 2,019 attendees per concert. The addition of hip-hop and indie vibe concerts showcased the Levitt's commitment to providing listeners with diverse musical experiences.

With an additional 60,000 people watching the concerts online, Levitt at the Falls embraced the power of technology to share music with a broader audience. Not only did this virtual aspect allow people who couldn't attend in person to enjoy the concerts, but it also amplified the cultural exchange facilitated on stage.

Levitt at the Falls continues to break barriers by connecting live and virtual audiences, uniting music enthusiasts near and far through the beauty of harmonious melodies.

Facilitated by Passionate Volunteers in Community Service

Explore the valuable contribution of dedicated volunteers in bringing levity and joy to the concert series.

The successful execution of Levitt at the Falls' concert series would not be possible without the selfless dedication of 199 volunteers. These committed individuals logged an impressive 3,744 hours of community service to ensure that concert-goers had an extraordinary experience.

Volunteers played a vital role in various aspects, from concert setup and logistics to artist support and audience engagement. Their unwavering passion and enthusiasm for music created an atmosphere of joy and unity across the venue.

Levitt at the Falls is immensely grateful for the time and effort put in by these remarkable volunteers, who embody the spirit of community and enhance the overall concert experience for everyone involved.


The 2023 concert season at Levitt at the Falls was a resounding success on all fronts. With an emphasis on showcasing diversity, fostering community collaboration, and embracing new genres, Levitt at the Falls created an electric atmosphere that left attendees in awe. From the Festival of Cultures and the All My Relatives Festival to the addition of hip-hop and indie vibe concerts, every aspect of this season highlighted the power of music in uniting people and celebrating our collective heritage.

Not only did Levitt at the Falls provide an outstanding platform for established and emerging artists, but it also brought communities closer by creating a space for cultural exchange and appreciation. The dedicated volunteers who contributed countless hours of community service deserve special recognition. Their passion for music and commitment to creating a joyful experience for concert-goers made each event truly magical.

As we conclude the 2023 season, Levitt at the Falls is excited to carry forward this momentum into future concerts, continuing to bring music to the hearts of Sioux Falls residents and visitors alike. Join us for the upcoming seasons and witness the fusion of captivating performances, diverse genres, and the boundless power of music to connect us all.


What were the standout festivals of the 2023 concert season?

The standout festivals were the Festival of Cultures and the All My Relatives Festival. The Festival of Cultures brought together diverse communities in Sioux Falls, featuring music, art, and cuisine from various cultures. The All My Relatives Festival celebrated Native American art, music, and culture, showcasing the region's vibrant indigenous arts scene.

How did Levitt at the Falls include more musical diversity in their lineup?

Levitt at the Falls introduced new genres to their lineup, including hip-hop and indie vibe concerts. These additions brought a fresh energy to the stage, highlighting talented artists pushing the boundaries of their genres. This expansion of musical diversity ensured a richer and more culturally immersive experience for audiences.

How did the virtual audience engagement enhance the concert experience?

In addition to the impressive in-person attendance, Levitt at the Falls embraced technology by offering live streaming of their concerts. This virtual audience engagement allowed people who couldn't attend in person to experience the joy of live music. It also expanded the reach and cultural exchange facilitated on the Levitt stage, connecting music enthusiasts near and far.

What role did the volunteers play in the concert series?

The dedicated volunteers for Levitt at the Falls played a crucial role in various aspects of the concert series. They contributed their time and effort towards concert setup, logistics, artist support, and audience engagement. These passionate individuals brought a sense of community and joy to the concert experience, enhancing it for everyone involved.

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