Kevin Ross Releases Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2: A Dramatic Journey of Love and Intention

Kevin Ross mesmerizes listeners once again with his sophomore installment, Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2. This EP delves into the complex realms of love, expectation, and self-discovery. Join us as we delve into Ross's artistic journey filled with intrigue, emotion, and personal growth.

Exploring the Dramatic Journey of Love

Unveiling the intricate layers of love and emotions in Kevin Ross's Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2

Ain't Mine: Losing himself in the turmoil of a love triangle, Ross paints a vivid picture of a forbidden attraction. With heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, he delves into the complexities of wanting someone who is already taken. This poignant track showcases Ross's ability to convey raw emotions.

Found Me: A transformation fueled by love. Ross sparks introspection and self-discovery as he takes listeners on a journey of unraveling. This empowering track explores the profound change that occurs when love enters a person's life. It serves as a musical testimony that showcases the artist's growth and wisdom.

Basking in the Beauty of Innocent Intention

Diving into the realm of love's intentions, free from toxicity and judgment

Ready For It ft. Eric Bellinger: Ross collaborates with Eric Bellinger to create a magnetic track that introduces listeners to the concept of 'innocent intention.' This groovy and refreshing bop highlights the importance of expressing genuine emotions without fear of being perceived as weak or insincere.

Defying Stereotypes: Ross defies the norms in the portrayal of love. Through his lyrics and enchanting melodies, he challenges conventional ideas of what it means to be in love, empowering individuals to embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

Sequencing Perfection for an Immersive Experience

Unveiling Ross's mastery of sequencing to captivate listeners

An artist's distinctive sequencing ability: Ross's aptitude for crafting seamless transitions and setting the right mood is on full display in Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2. Each track merges effortlessly into the next, forming an immersive experience that allows the listener to embark on a musical journey.

Telling a story through music: Ross weaves a narrative throughout the EP, interconnecting themes of love, introspection, and growth. His thoughtfully designed tracklist ensures a cohesive and compelling listening experience that captivates the audience from start to finish.

From Microdose to Full-Length Album

Looking ahead to the release of the full-length album

Ross's artistic vision: Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2 builds anticipation for the forthcoming full-length album. With the integration of bonus tracks and the seamless inclusion of songs from Vol. 1, Ross's vision for the album begins to take shape. Fans can expect an even more immersive and comprehensive musical experience.

Further Widening the Scope of Kevin Ross's Artistry

Exploring Ross's collaborations and previous contributions

Versatility through collaborations: Ross's collaborations with rising talents, such as CAMP and J. Brown, display his versatility as an artist. These joint efforts bring a fresh perspective and provide a stellar platform for other up-and-coming musicians.

A contribution to Creed III: Ross's artistry extends beyond his solo projects. His involvement in the Creed III soundtrack showcases his ability to adapt his style to different genres. The track 'Headhunters' allows him to explore new sonic territories alongside acclaimed rappers WESTSIDE BOOGIE and Cozz.


Kevin Ross once again showcases his artistry and storytelling ability in his highly anticipated EP, Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2. Through intricate lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Ross takes listeners on a dramatic journey of love, intention, and self-discovery. The seamless sequencing and deep emotional connections explored in this project elevate his musical prowess and leave fans eager for the release of the full-length album.


What is the inspiration behind Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2?

Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2 is inspired by Kevin Ross's personal experiences, introspection, and growth in relationships. It allows him to delve into the complexities of love and uncover deeper layers of his artistry.

How does Midnight Microdose, Vol. 2 differ from Vol. 1?

While Midnight Microdose, Vol. 1 introduced listeners to Ross's distinct musical style and set the foundation for his microdose concept, Vol. 2 expands on these themes and showcases his growth as an artist. Each volume presents a unique unraveling of emotions with a combination of new and bundled tracks.

What can listeners expect from the full-length album?

The full-length album stemming from the Midnight Microdose series promises to be a comprehensive musical experience. It will incorporate bonus tracks, further expanding on the themes explored in both volumes while taking listeners on a deeper and more immersive journey into Ross's artistry.

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