Faye Webster Releases Strikingly Sparse Single 'Lifetime'

Faye Webster mesmerizes listeners with her breathtaking single 'Lifetime,' embodying an ethereal ambiance that transcends traditional songwriting. Accompanied by a captivating music video, directed by Kyle Ng of Brain Dead, Webster's artistry reaches new heights. As this critically acclaimed artist embarks on her sold-out US tour and announces upcoming shows in the UK and EU, fans are eagerly awaiting these unparalleled live performances.

Experience the Hauntingly Raw Beauty of 'Lifetime'

Delve into the mesmerizingly sparse single 'Lifetime' and immerse yourself in Faye Webster's unique blend of haunting vulnerability and delicate storytelling.

Prepare to be captivated as Faye Webster's latest single 'Lifetime' takes you on a journey of introspection and emotional clarity. With stripped-back instrumentals and evocative lyrics, Webster creates a hauntingly raw atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners.

In 'Lifetime,' Webster's soft-spoken vocals blend seamlessly with the sighing lap steel instrumentals, showcasing her signature style. Embodying quiet thrills and understated beauty, this song is a testament to the poetic craft that defines Webster's art.

Experience the magic of 'Lifetime' for yourself as Webster conveys a surreal dreamscape drenched in remarkable melodies. The captivating twists and turns of this single keep you engaged, invoking a sense of tranquility within.

Accompanying Music Video Directed by Kyle Ng of Brain Dead

Immerse yourself in the visual interpretation of 'Lifetime,' complimented by Kyle Ng's exceptional directorial vision that perfectly encapsulates the ethereal essence of Webster's music.

Step further into Faye Webster's world with the gripping music video for 'Lifetime.' Directed by the visionary Kyle Ng of Brain Dead, the visual narrative brings the ethereal atmosphere of the single to life through stunning visuals and thought-provoking imagery.

The juxtaposition of Webster's ethereal vocals against the intimate character studies portrayed in the video creates a mesmerizing viewing experience. As scenes unfold, the emotional depth and poetic resonance of her music seamlessly intertwine with the visual storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

Ng's artistic direction manages to capture the essence of 'Lifetime,' presenting a visual journey that resonates with the haunting themes encapsulated within the single. Each frame immerses you deeper into the melancholic beauty and introspective atmosphere crafted by Webster.

Sold-Out US Tour and Anticipation for UK and EU Shows

Discover Faye Webster's growing popularity as her highly sought-after US tour kicks off, while fans eagerly await her upcoming shows in the UK and EU.

As Webster's music continues to captivate listeners worldwide, her completely sold-out US tour is a testament to her rising popularity. Fans fortunate enough to secure tickets will embark on a musical journey immersed in her unparalleled artistry.

The US tour features multiple nights at renowned venues such as Brooklyn Steel in New York and The NoVo in Los Angeles. Webster's electrifying live performances are guaranteed to enchant and transport audiences to the distinct worlds pouring out of her discography.

Audiences across the pond have something incredible to look forward to as Webster announces her upcoming UK and EU tour. Words cannot adequately capture the sense of excitement as fans anticipate the shows, feeling grateful to experience the magic of Webster's performances.


Faye Webster's 'Lifetime' is a stunning single that showcases her unique artistry and exceptional storytelling ability. Through her hauntingly raw vocals and sparse instrumentals, she creates an ambiance that leaves a lasting impact on listeners. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video, directed by Kyle Ng, 'Lifetime' takes on a new dimension, intensifying the surreal experience.

As Webster embarks on her completely sold-out US tour, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness her mesmerizing live performances. With upcoming shows announced in the UK and EU, her popularity only continues to grow, and anticipation for these upcoming concerts is palpable.

Whether you're delving into 'Lifetime' for the first time or diving deeper into Webster's discography, you're sure to be enchanted by the quiet thrills and introspective beauty that her music offers.


Q: When does Faye Webster's US tour start and where?

A: Faye Webster's US tour begins on October 17th and includes multiple nights at prestigious venues such as Brooklyn Steel in New York and The NoVo in Los Angeles.

Q: Are there any upcoming shows in the UK and EU?

A: Yes, Faye Webster has announced a 2024 UK and EU tour, much to the excitement of her international fanbase

Q: Who directed the music video for 'Lifetime'?

A: The captivating music video for 'Lifetime' was directed by Kyle Ng of Brain Dead, whose artistic vision perfectly complements the ethereal essence of Webster's music.

Q: What makes Faye Webster's music stand out?

A: Faye Webster's music stands out with its haunting beauty and introspective lyrics. Her signature blend of soft-spoken vocals and soul-stirring instrumentals creates an immersive experience that lingers in the hearts of listeners.

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