Discovering the Enigmatic Sonic World of Pretty V

Get ready to dive into the enigmatic sonic world crafted by Pretty V. Prepare to be enthralled by his unique blend of alternative hip-hop, experimental beats, and thought-provoking lyrics. From his prolific output to his captivating collaborations, Pretty V is reshaping the musical landscape with his uncompromising creativity and fearless exploration. Let's embark on a journey to unravel the complexity and beauty of Pretty V's artistry.

The Persona Behind Pretty V

Unveiling the enigmatic artist

Pretty V, an English musician and producer, has transcended boundaries and carved a unique path with his captivating music. Formerly known as Voldy Moyo and v7backin2007, Pretty V embraces vulnerability, experimentation, and a childlike whimsy to redefine the sonic landscape.

With a fascinating alias derived from being called a pretty boy, Pretty V has seamlessly blurred the lines between genres, blending pop culture references with his own imaginative world. Through his expansive discography, he channels influences such as Cardi B, Ice Spice, Morrissey, and more, incorporating their sounds into a tapestry that is entirely his own.

His artistic process is rooted in spontaneity and boundless creativity. Pretty V crafts tracks quickly, often making music on his phone with a secret editing software, solidifying his reputation as an indomitable force in the UK music scene. Unquestionably a prolific artist, he releases singles as soon as they are created, later piecing together projects that reflect the music he has crafted over a week.

The Prolific Output of Thematic Versatility

Witnessing Pretty V's musical abundance

Prepare yourself to immerse in the vast sonic universe offered by Pretty V's ever-expanding collection of music releases. With a staggering 14 albums already unleashed this year, his primal energy and non-conformist spirit loom large. Each album offers a kaleidoscope of sounds that defies categorization and challenges traditional notions of musical genres.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of influences, Pretty V showcases his thematic versatility throughout his catalogue. His tracks may offer glimpses into his love for pop culture icons, stir nostalgic memories of the early 2000s, or captivate listeners with introspective lyrics steeped in vulnerability and poignant self-reflection.

Through boundary-pushing experimentation, Pretty V provocatively reimagines hip-hop, trap, ambient, and grime, enveloping listeners in a sonic enigma-laced with the raw emotions of his soulful vocals. With each new release, Pretty V's unpredictable sonic adventures beckon us to embark on an astonishing journey we won't soon forget.

Captivating Collaborations That Transcend Boundaries

Exploring Pretty V's musical collaborations

Pretty V's unyielding creativity extends beyond his solo endeavors, guiding him towards enriching collaborative ventures. Noteworthy among them are his collaborations with renowned artists like Archy Marshall (King Krule) and Jadasea, with whom he formed the band Aqrxvst. Together, they conjure up sonic landscapes that fuse their distinct styles, producing a harmonious blend of experimental bliss.

The EP 'Aqrxvst Is the Band's Name' is a testament to their collective artistry—an intricately woven tapestry of dissonant guitar chords and dream-like vocal melodies. This masterful collaboration showcases Pretty V's ability to weave sonic spectacles that deftly navigate the realms of alternative rock, hip-hop, and ambient music.

Pretty V: Music as an Extract from a Diary

Unlocking the depths of Pretty V's introspective lyrics

Listeners willing to dive into the lyrical musings of Pretty V discover an intimate glimpse into his world—a world reminiscent of a personal diary brought to life with musical notes. His songwriting process mirrors his fascination with writing and reading. Each song acts as a page immersed in adolescent memories, combining nostalgia with insight and poignant observations

Pretty V's lyrical prowess can oscillate between unhinged strangeness and deeply introspective moments. With poetic sensitivity bordering on the abstract, he paints profound canvases of love, disconnection, and personal growth. His words perfectly encapsulate breathtaking moments of raw emotion, subtly capturing a spectrum of human experiences with surprising depth.

A Beautiful Chaos Wrapped in Mystery and Whimsy

Unraveling the intrigue surrounding Pretty V's artistry

Pretty V's music defies conventional classification, making it both captivating and elusive. From his mesmerizing sounds peppered with hints of jazz, trap, soul, and dissonant melodies, he constructs intricate sonic deconstruction. In the ambiance-laden album 'Tale of Red Star,' Pretty V merges the worlds of spoken word and atmospheric field recordings, crafting an ethereal auditory experience—all intended to provoke contemplation and evoke emotions deeply hidden within.

Like navigating a curiously uncharted labyrinth, Pretty V masterfully transports audiences into his abstract dreamscape, one filled with cut-out magazine idols, luxurious fragrances, and introspective philosophy. Engulfed in harmony and chaos, his musical universe provides an enchanting escape, enticing listeners to explore the enigma that is Pretty V.


Pretty V is a musical enigma who fearlessly treads his own path, reshaping the sonic landscape as he goes. With his distinctive blend of genres, thought-provoking lyrics, and mesmerizing soundscapes, Pretty V captivates listeners with his boundless creativity. Whether exploring collaborations, diving into his introspective lyrics, or immersing in his abstract universe, there is something profoundly beautiful and captivating about the enigmatic persona of Pretty V.


Is Pretty V's music accessible to all listeners?

Pretty V's music may not appeal to every listener, as his experimental style often pushes the boundaries of traditional genres. However, the raw emotions, intricate production, and lyrical depth offer a captivating experience for those seeking something unique.

How can I find Pretty V's albums?

Pretty V's albums are available on various streaming platforms and music stores. Simply search for Pretty V and explore his expansive discography. Additionally, his collaborations and singles can also be found alongside his solo releases.

What makes Pretty V's music standout?

Pretty V's music stands out due to its fearless experimentation, thematic versatility, and his profound lyrical musings. He seamlessly blends various genres and embraces vulnerability, creating a sonic world that defies expectations and resonates with those drawn to authentic and boundary-pushing music.

What's next for Pretty V?

Given Pretty V's unwavering prolific output and inexhaustible creativity, it's safe to say that the future holds more mesmerizing music from this enigmatic artist. Fans can eagerly anticipate new explorations, captivating collaborations, and thrilling sonic adventures from Pretty V in the coming days.

How can I connect with Pretty V?

To stay updated with Pretty V's latest releases and news, you can follow him on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and his official website. Engage with his music, join the dialogue, and immerse yourself in the captivating world crafted by Pretty V.

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